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Midnight Meme Of The Day!


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by Noah

That's right, Donnie Psycho! And no Nobel Prize for you either! You don't even get a hamberder named after you at Burger King. Instead I suggest a nicely engraved tombstone with an epitaph of my choosing. Something like this:

He came. He saw. He failed, and failed, and failed.

Grand Wizard in Hell.

Donald Trump Buried Here. Wash hands after urinating.

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Election Reflections-- Blue Dogs, Schumer, Texas, Florida... You Want To Know What Went Wrong?

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Anthony Brindisi (NY) and Joe Cunningham (SC) were elected to the House in the 2018 anti-red wave-- just when Blue Dog chairwoman Kyrsten Sinema graduated to the Senate. Sinema was the worst Democrat in Congress-- by far. She voted against anything and everything that smacked of progressivism. She voted with the GOP on progressive roll calls around 75% of the time. Now she's the worst Democrat in the Senate, although we'll soon see if Frackenlooper gives her a run for her money.

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