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Nuclear: Leaning Tower of Vogtle: Arnie Gundersen & Libbe HaLevy of Nuclear Hotseat

In this prescient interview with Nuclear Hotseat host, Libbe HaLevy, Arnie goes over the problems at the Vogtle nuclear reactor construction in Georgia, where the weight of the unit is already causing it to sink into Georgia’s red clay. Arnie analyzed the data that became the basis for the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL)’s petition…

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Three Mile Island (TMI): Nuclear Spring: A Legacy of Lies

Arnie Gundersen, chief nuclear engineer with Fairewinds Energy Education Nonprofit, spent one week at the end of March in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area for a series of events remembering the 40-years since the meltdown at TMI.  Arnie was invited to present the keynote at Penn State’s 40th commemoration of the Three Mile Island disaster that was filmed by C-Span on March 27, 2019. Prior to uploading the filmed presentation to C-Span, the videographers and crew also professionally edited Arnie’s PowerPoint slides into the film itself.

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