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US’ successful ICBM intercept test brings us closer to a nuclear war and proves Moscow’s concerns were well grounded

By Scott Ritter | RT | November 17, 2020 The US has long dismissed Russian concerns over the deployment of the Aegis Ashore missile defense system on European soil. This week’s test of the SM-3 Block IIA interceptor against an ICBM has proven Russian concerns correct. On Tuesday, the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) announced […]

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US security agency accused of spying on European private companies

By Lucas Leiroz | November 18, 2020 A new cyber espionage scandal involving American intelligence agencies is being revealed – this time in Europe. Government ministries and Danish private companies were targets of US espionage, according to a recent report by an anonymous informer. The US National Security Agency (NSA) appears to have used top-secret […]

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Biden’s Deep State

By Steve Brown | Ron Paul Institute | November 18, 2020 Philosopher Hannah Arendt once wrote about the banality of evil, and there’s never been a more banal bunch than the foreign policy and security state crew Barak Obama surrounded himself with for eight years beside the possible exception of Bush’s own Neocons. Now after […]

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Trump won, regardless of the election outcome… because Trumpism is here to stay

By Samantha Chang | RT | November 18, 2020 No matter the eventual election result, President Donald Trump’s legacy is intact. He has reignited an enthusiasm for nationalism the world over, but his true impact has been obscured by ridiculous accusations of racism. As the fate of the US presidential election hangs in the balance […]

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Solutions: The Thick Red Line

Corbett • 11/17/2020 Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Howard Lichtman joins us today to introduce, an effort to restore respect for law enforcement by abolishing victimless crime. ThickRedLine seeks to upend the narrative that keeps the public afraid of breaking the unlawful orders of the politicians and prevents officers from […]

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Trump Fires CISA Director Chris Krebs Over ‘Highly Inaccurate’ Election Statement

By Daria Bedenko – Sputnik – 18.11.2020 US President Donald Trump announced in his Twitter on Tuesday that he fired Chris Krebs from the position of the Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the DHS. According to the President, Krebs was fired because of his “highly inaccurate” statement on the security of […]

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Hamas condemns PA announcement on restoration of ties with Israel

Palestine Information Center – November 18, 2020 GAZA – The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has strongly condemned the decision of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to resume its relations with the “criminal Zionist occupation”. Hamas said in a statement on Tuesday evening that the PA is flouting all the national values and principles and the outcomes […]

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Surprise: The “Smartest” People Are Actually Painfully Stupid

By Francis Menton – Manhattan Contrarian – November 18, 2020 If you were lucky enough to attend America’s premier academic institution, Harvard University, you would receive most days, as I do, the Harvard Gazette. The Gazette generally cloaks its pieces in the mantle of “news”; but really its principal function is to find ways for […]

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Boris’s “Green Industrial Revolution” is Economic Lockdown, for ever…

The Global Warming Policy Forum | November 18, 2020 GWPF today described the Prime Minister’s 10 Point Plan for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ as shallow gesture politics, but a gesture with severely negative economic implications from day one into the foreseeable future. And we know that this will happen because all previous attempts to create […]

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